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Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy



This establishment is committed to the responsible service of alcoholic beverages to responsible guests. We are also committed to protecting our employees and the community at large. All employees who may come in contact with a guest as part of their employment are required to follow these procedures:


  • All front of the house employees will successfully participate in an alcohol awareness training program prior to or within 30 days of employment.

  • Employees will complete timely recertification of alcohol awareness training. Employees will not drink before, during or after their shift.

  • Employees will not serve an alcoholic beverage to anyone under 21 years of age or anyone who is showing signs of visible intoxication.

  • No patrons will be permitted inside the establishment after it is closed for business.

  • Before serving an alcoholic beverage, employees MUST check the identification of guests who appear to be under the age of thirty years old. Identification must show the guest to be a least 21 years of age. ID must also match the physical characteristics of the guest presenting the identification. Acceptable identification includes a driver’s license with a photo, a valid passport with a photo, a state-issued identification with photo and birth date, or a military ID. Any other forms of ID must be approved by the manager on duty.

  • Employees will check identification to determine if it is authentic. Without authentic identification or in case of doubt, the employee must not serve alcoholic beverages to the guest.

  • No employee will serve several drinks to a guest during a short interval.

  • No employee will "free pour". All liquor will be dispensed in measured quantities.

  • Employees must immediately notify the manager on duty, if there is one on duty, when a guest shows visible signs of intoxication. Either the employee or the manager will inform the guest that the service of alcoholic beverages will be discontinued. An incident report form will be completed and placed on file.

  • Any guest showing visible signs of intoxication will be strongly urged to use alternative transportation. If, with strong urging, patron refuses, a reasonable attempt should be made to obtain the keys to the car. If, despite these efforts, the intoxicated customer leaves in his or her vehicle, the license plate number should be noted, and the appropriate law enforcement officials should be notified.

  • Employees who fail to comply and follow the procedures on the policy statement for responsible service of alcoholic beverages will be considered a basis for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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